60A Integrated PowIRstage
® | © 2014 International Rectifier May 7, 2014 | V3.0
Integrated driver, Schottky diode, control
MOSFET and synchronous MOSFET
5mV / A on-chip MOSFET current sensing
with temperature compensated reporting
Input voltage (VIN) range of 4.5V to 15V
VCC and VDRV supply of 4.5V to 7V
Output voltage range from 0.25V up to 5.5V
Output current capability of 60A
Operation up to 1.0MHz
VCC under voltage lockout (UVLO)
8mV /
oC temperature analog output and
thermal flag pull-up to 3.3V
Over temperature protection (OTP)
Cycle-by-cycle self-preservation over current
protection (OCP)
MOSFET phase fault detection and flag
Preliminary overvoltage protection (Pre-OVP)
Compatible with 3.3V tri-state PWM Input
Body-Braking™ load transient support
through PWM Tri-state
Diode emulation mode (DEM) for improved
light load efficiency
Efficient dual sided cooling
Small 6mm x 6mm x 0.9mm PQFN package
Lead free RoHS compliant package
High frequency, high current, low profile DC-
DC converters
Voltage Regulators for CPUs, GPUs, ASICs,
and DDR memory arrays
The IR3555 integrated PowIRstage® contains a
synchronous buck gate driver IC which is co-packed
with control and synchronous MOSFETs and a
Schottky diode to further improve efficiency. The
package is optimized for PCB layout, heat transfer,
driver/MOSFET control timing, and minimal switch node
ringing when layout guidelines are followed. The paired
gate driver and MOSFET combination enables higher
efficiency at lower output voltages required by cutting
edge CPU, GPU, ASIC and DDR memory designs.
The IR3555 PowIRstage® internal MOSFET current
sense algorithm with integrated temperature
compensation achieves superior current sense
accuracy vs. best-in-class controller based Inductor
DCR sense methods. Other features include
preliminary overvoltage protection and flag, internal
cycle-by-cycle self-preservation over current protection
and flag, phase fault flag, over temperature protection
and flag, and internal package temperature reporting.
Up to 1.0MHz switching frequency enables high
performance transient response, allowing
miniaturization of output inductors, as well as input and
output capacitors while maintaining industry leading
When combined with IR’s digital controllers, the IR3555
incorporates the Body-Braking™ feature through PWM
tri-state which enables reduction of output capacitors.
Synchronous diode-emulation mode is also supported
through a built-in ZCD_EN# enabled zero-cross detect
circuit in the IR3555 which increases system light-load
The IR3555 is optimized for CPU core power delivery in
server applications. The ability to meet the stringent
requirements of the server market also makes the
IR3555 ideally suited for powering GPU, ASIC, DDR
memory, and other high current designs.
Base Part
Number Package Type Standard Pack Orderable
Part Number
Form Quantity
IR3555 PQFN 6 mm x 6 mm Tape and Reel 3000 IR3555MTRPBF