HEW Install Guide
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This guide is intended to help you to install HEW and obtain a license key (if entitled). It will cover how to:
1. Install the software tools
2. Register the Product and apply for a license key
3. Receive and install the license key
This CD-ROM contains a number of HEW and compiler toolchain installations; see versions.txt (located on
the CD) for details of versions and the time limits associated with each toolchain.
This CD-ROM is supplied with the following full HEW products:
S32HEWMCSH8 – HEW with Renesas H8 compiler tools
S32HEWMCSSH – HEW with Renesas SH compiler tools
S32HEWNC30 – HEW with Renesas R8C & M16C compiler tools
S32HEWNC308 – HEW with Renesas M32C compiler tools
With each product purchase we supply a Purchase Verification Code, located on the jewel case. Each Purchase
Verification Code entitles you to apply for ONE software license key from Renesas Technology Europe Ltd. Users
may install all components for evaluation purposes for the duration of the time limits imposed but Renesas
Technology Europe Ltd are only able to provide ONE unlimited license key for the compiler toolchain which has
been purchased.
Documentation and Support
All manuals are supplied in PDF format. Each toolchain has a separate set of manuals that are copied to the hard
drive at install time. The installer will add a link to the appropriate index on the start menu. The HEW IDE software
has its own manual describing the debugger and code-builder functionality.
Technical support for HEW in the form of FAQs, Application Notes and downloads is available via the Internet at
Registered users of S32HEWMCSH8, S32HEWMCSSH, S32HEWNC30 and S32HEWNC308 may contact
Renesas Technology Europe Ltd Product Support for more detailed help at any time during the Support Period as
described on the customer information sheet. For details on our support and how to contact us please visit our
website and follow the links for Support.
Please note that when requesting support from us we must identify you as a registered user. To reduce delays
please include your company name, HEW variety, serial number and version with all technical support requests.
Renesas Technology Europe Ltd Product Support cannot provide technical assistance to users who have not
purchased and registered one of the products listed above.
HEW Install Guide
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c Software Installation
The CD-ROM is designed to auto-play when inserted into the CD-ROM drive, if it does not operate:
Open "My Computer" from your desktop
Locate and open the CDROM drive
Double-click the "autorun.exe" icon to run the program.
Once the menu program is running:
Select your toolchain from the drop down list box.
The “Install HEW4.0” button will become active. Click this
button to initiate the installation.
Choose the appropriate language for your installation
Note: The “Install Tools” button is not activated for the
installation of HEW products on this CD.
You will be presented with the Welcome dialog. Select
The next screen shows the License Agreement. Please
read this prior to clicking YES. This indicates that you
have read and understood the agreement and agree to
be bound by it.
The “Region Selection” dialog appears. Choose “Europe
or “United States of America”.
HEW Install Guide
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If no previous installation of HEW has been detected you
will be asked for the destination folder. It is
recommended that you choose the default location.
If a previous installation is detected this step is skipped.
The HEW4 installation will deploy to the same location
as your previous installation and overwrite it.
Note: If you wish to retain multiple instances of HEW you will
need to rename the file HEW2inst.ini prior to running this
setup. This file is located in your Windows directory, typically
Click “Next” to install.
At the end of the installation you will see a screen
showing you the Site Code – Please make a note of
(The site code is used by Renesas Technology Europe
Ltd in conjunction with the Purchase Verification Code to
issue entitled users with a license key to unlock the
appropriate toolchain).
d Register the Product
Once you have installed this product we ask you to register it with us.
Registration serves the purpose of enabling your Support entitlement and also applies for your license key if
appropriate for the toolchain you have purchased.
This product has four identifying elements if you have purchased and installed one of the following products:
S32HEW NC308
They are:
1. The Product Code (located on the Customer Information Sheet)
2. The Serial number (located on the label and Customer Information Sheet)
3. The Purchase Verification Code (located on the CD Jewel case)
4. The Site Code, given to you by the installer
HEW Install Guide
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We recommend that you register with us via our website as this provides a quick and easy solution for both our
customers and ourselves and will provide you with your license key more quickly. If you prefer to register by post
please use the form provided, although your license key can only be sent by email or fax. You can register by
selecting “Register online” from the Start Menu group installed by HEW:
This will launch our online Product Registration
Form and automatically populate the Site Code
field for you.
Please enter the information requested on the
form including the other essential identifying
elements and your company and contact details.
Click the “Continue” button
The details will be checked for basic errors and
displayed back to you, if they are correct please
click “Continue”.
You will be asked to confirm your commitment to
the Export Control of Technologies regulations
applicable, if you agree click “Submit” and your
registration will be emailed to Renesas
Technology Europe Ltd for processing.
We will process your registration and if there are
any problems we will contact you via the email
address you have entered.
HEW Install Guide
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e Receive and install the license key
Once we have processed your registration and accepted it we will email you the “License Key” for the compiler
toolchain you have purchased. This can be installed into the toolchain at any time before or after the time limit has
Upon receipt of the email, copy the license code to the Windows clipboard ensuring that the email system has
added no breaks or spaces – if it has, copy the code to a text file and remove them.
Each of the compiler toolchains that use license keys has a separate key installation program. Select the
appropriate one from the Start Menu.
Note: The key will only work with the toolchain that you have purchased and cannot be used to unlock any other.
When you launch the key installer program a dialog
box will appear confirming which installer you have
Click “Next”.
The second dialog box allows you to enter the
license code.
Select the edit box and paste in the license code.
Click the “Install” button and the license key will be
installed in your compiler toolchain, the product is
now activated.
If you experience problems with your license key
please contact support at the address provided in
the email sent to you with the key.