22mm TuffLED™
Panel Mount Indicator
Ruggedized CNX 722 Series with built-in LED offers fast, easy
installation in harsh environments
www.vcclite.com 1.800.522.5546engineered to light up your design
Key features
Product dimensions
control cabinets
instrument panels
disinfection and sterilization environments
transportation dashboards
switch stations
safety applications
outdoor signage
aircraft and military
industrial machinery
vending and gaming machines
designed for extreme harsh and outdoor environments
variety of connection options for fast, easy installation
built-in LED can be used with 5, 12 or 24 volt D/C
fast pitch threads ease assembly, requiring only1 turn
special nut assembles by or with 1” hextool
direct sunlight visibility
wide angle viewable
resistant to shock and vibration
custom LEDs and lens colors available
optional bezel available in many colors
moisture sealed, IP 67/NEMA 6P rated
RoHS compliant
.12 in[3mm]
o 1.26 in[32mm]
.50 in[12.8mm]
o 1.01 in[25.6mm]
6 in[152.4mm]
.47 in[11.8mm]
.81 in[20.6mm]
.86 in[21.9mm]
1.06 in[26.9mm]
o 1.26 in[32mm]
Product specications
Ordering data
LED output
LED color** typ intensity, mcd
red 1300-1900
green 700-1400
white 1300-1700
blue 200-280
yellow 80-200
body polycarbonate, UL 94-V2
retaining nut PBT/glass lled, UL 94-V0
wire 22 AWG 1007/1569
moisture seal EPDM
bezel- plastic ABS, UL 94-HB
bezel- metal aluminum alloy
Installation specication
mounting hole .855-.910” (21.7-23.1mm)
thickness Up to .300” (7.6mm)
Operating parameters
-40°F (-40°C) to
176°F (80°C)
current 20mA
*Body color to match
LED color
XX= input
05 5VDC
12 12VDC
24 24VDC
Body Type
X= material
C colored*
N clear
CNX 722 22mm indicator
ordering code (example) CNX 722 X X00 XX X
Termination Style
X= termination style
B screw block
Tquick disconnect/
W wire leads
LED Color
X00= color
200 red
400 yellow
500 green
600 blue
900 white Bezel Color
X= color
0 black
2 red
4 yellow
5 green
6 blue
9 white
A actual aluminum
B brushed aluminum
C chrome
*Optional bezel: BZL 722-X
Bezel size = 22mm
*Sold Separately
www.vcclite.com 1.800.522.5546engineered to light up your design
Mouser Electronics
Authorized Distributor
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CNX722C20005B CNX722C40005W CNX722C40024T CNX722C40005B CNX722C50024T CNX722C20024W
CNX722C20005T CNX722C50024W BZL722-2 CNX722C20005W CNX722C50005B CNX722C50005T
CNX722C20024B CNX722C40024B CNX722C40005T CNX722C50024B BZL722-5 CNX722C40024W
CNX722C50005W CNX722C20024T BZL722-4 CNX722C60012B CNX722C60012T CNX722C60012W
CNX722C50012B CNX722C50012T CNX722C50012W CNX722C20012B CNX722C20012T CNX722C20012W
CNX722C90012B CNX722C90012T CNX722C90012W CNX722C40012B CNX722C40012T CNX722C40012W
CNX722C60024B CNX722C60024T CNX722C60024W CNX722C90024B CNX722C90024T CNX722C90024W
CNX722C60005B CNX722C60005T CNX722C60005W CNX722C90005B CNX722C90005T CNX722C90005W
CNX722N60012B CNX722N60012T CNX722N60012W CNX722N50012B CNX722N50012T CNX722N50012W
CNX722N20012B CNX722N20012T CNX722N20012W CNX722N90012B CNX722N90012T CNX722N90012W
CNX722N40012B CNX722N40012T CNX722N40012W CNX722N60024B CNX722N60024T CNX722N60024W
CNX722N50024B CNX722N50024T CNX722N50024W CNX722N20024B CNX722N20024T CNX722N20024W
CNX722N90024B CNX722N90024T CNX722N90024W CNX722N40024B CNX722N40024T CNX722N40024W
CNX722N60005B CNX722N60005T CNX722N60005W CNX722N50005B CNX722N50005T CNX722N50005W
CNX722N20005B CNX722N20005T CNX722N20005W CNX722N90005B CNX722N90005T CNX722N90005W
CNX722N40005B CNX722N40005T CNX722N40005W BZL722-0 BZL722-6 BZL722-9 BZL722-A BZL722-B