Communication ICs
Tone ringer IC for telephone set
BA8206 / BA8206F
The BA8206 and BA8206F are tone ringer ICs which produce a bell sound from a ringing signal. The frequency of the
bell sound can be varied by changing the constants of the external resistance and capacitors.
The operation initiation current dissipation can be changed at the RSL pin.
Also, the output load can be selected, as a piezoelectric buzzer, a transformer coupled speaker, or other similar devices.
Telephones, multi-function telephones, telephone answering machines, facsimiles, equipment involving telephones
1) Low current dissipation.
2) Withstands up to 40V.
3) Operation initiation current dissipation can be
changed using RSL pin.
4) Pin layout is compatible with the BA8205, BA6565A,
and ML8205.
FBlock diagram
Communication ICs BA8206 / BA8206F
FAbsolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25_C)
FRecommended operating conditions (Ta = 25_C)
FElectrical characteristics (unless otherwise noted, Ta = 25_C, VCC = 24V)
Communication ICs BA8206 / BA8206F
FPin descriptions
FMeasurement circuit
Communication ICs BA8206 / BA8206F
FCircuit operation
Using the RSL pin
With the BA8206 and BA8206F , the RSL pin can be used
to change the initial supply current (Isi).
As shown in Figure 4, resistor RSL is connected from the
RSL pin (Pin 2) to the GND. The operation initiation cur-
rent consumption can be changed by changing the value
of the resistor RSL.
Figure 5 shows the supply voltage (VCC) - supply current
(ICC) characteristics when the value of the resistor RSL is
Communication ICs BA8206 / BA8206F
FApplication example
FElectrical characteristic curves
FExternal dimensions (Units: mm)
Communication ICs BA8206 / BA8206F