S1D13L02 VGA Graphics C ontroller
The S1D13L02 is a low cost, low power, multi-purpose Graphics LCD Controller with 1024KByte embedded
SRAM display buffer.
The S1D13L02 includes a pixel doubling feature which allows easy migration to larger panel sizes using
existing image data such as QVGA to VGA. The feature set includes independent resizing of PIP window
image data using the bi-cubic scaler and LCD output manipulation such as gamma control and optional
The S1D13L02 feature set and architecture are designed to meet the requirements of embedded sy stems
such as Factory Automation, Medical Equipments and Office Automation applications.
Embedded 1024K byte SRAM
Low Operating Voltage
16-bit Indirect Host Interface
High Speed Host Writes
Rectangular, Rotated, and Mirror Host Write
Input Formats: RGB 5:6:5
Support for RGB Parallel I/F TFT panels
Support for up to 3 display layers with overlay and alpha
Main Layer image can be doubled in size
PIP1 Layer can be resized from 8x to 1/8x
PIP2 Layer can be resized from 8x to 1/8x
Look-up Table for gamma control of LCD output
Optional dithering of LCD output
Internal PLL or Digital Clock Input
Software Initiated Power Save Mode
QFP22-208pin pac kage
TFT(RGB digital)
Control Signals
S1D13L02 Features
1024kB SRAM
Up to 3 Display Layers
Overlay and Alpha Blending
Gamma Control of LCD output
1024K bytes of embedded SRAM
CPU Interface
16-bit Indirect Host Interface
Supports High Speed Host Writes
Integrated Host interface Write Controller supports:
Rectangular Write Mode
Rotated Write Mode
Mirror Write Mode
Panel Support
9/12/16/18/24-bit RGB interface panels
Input Formats
Host can input image data as:
RGB 5:6:5
Supports up to 3 layers with Overlay and Alpha Blending
Main Layer features:
Image can be stored as RGB 5:6:5
Pixel Doubling which doubles the size of the display
image (independent horizontal/vertical)
PIP1 Layer features:
Image can be stored as RGB 5:6:5
Bi-Cubic Scaler can resize image from 8x - 1/8x
Edge Enhancement support
PIP2 Layer features:
Image can be stored as RGB 5:6:5
Bi-Cubic Scaler can resize image from 8x - 1/8x
Edge Enhancement support
LUT (Look-Up Table) for independent gamma
control of PIP2 window
LUT (Look-Up Table) for gamma control of the LCD
Optional dithering for the LCD output
Internal PLL or digital clock input (CLKI)
Software initiated power save mode
General Purpose IO pins
COREVDD 1.5 volts and IOVDD 1.80, 2.80, or 3.30 volts
QFP22 208-pin (28 x 28 x 1.4mm) (0.5mm pitch)
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