51-295.022D - Keylock switch 2 positions
51-295.022D - Keylock switch 2 positions
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Mounting cut-out Ø 16 mm
Design raised
Front dimension 18 mm x 24 mm
Front shape rectangular
Other Attributes
Weight 0,016 kg
Operating-/Indication part
Switching angle 90° right
Front protection IP65
Connection Method
Terminal Solder 2.8 x 0.5 mm
Switching action Rest(a) - Maintain
Switching element
Rotary positions 2
Switching system Snap-action switching element
Switching current 5 A
Contacts 1 NC + 1 NO
Contact material
Switching voltage 250 V AC
Keylock switch
Stand: 25.03.2019
51-295.022D - Keylock switch 2 positions
H = Universal terminal 2.0 x 0.5 mm
Mounting cut-outs
Wiring diagram
Switching positions
Additional information
Standard lock: DOM 311
Two keys are supplied with each key lock switch
Optional lock numbers on request
Contacts: NC = Normally closed, NO = Normally open
Switching action: A = Rest, C = Maintained
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Stand: 25.03.2019