Medium Power Zener and Transient Voltage
Protection Axial Lead Series Reliability &
Qualification Data
This is the reliability and qualification data for the Medium Power Transient Voltage
Suppression Series.
Features Mechanical
Molded axial lead Weight: 1.5 grams maximum
400-1.5K Watts Peak Pulse Power Dissipation Polarity: Marked with Band
Stand Off Voltages from 5.5V – 400V Unipolar or Bipolar
Maximum Ratings
400-1.5K Watts of Peak Pulse Power Dissipation
Operating Temperatures: -65° C to 175° C
Storage Temperature: -65° C to 175° C
Forward Surge Rating: 200Amps (1/20 second)
Steady State Power Dissipation 5.0 W @ TL= 75°C
Stress Results
Moisture Classification Level 1 Package - No Drypack Required
ESD Sensitivity Non-sensitive – No special handling required
Steady State Life 0/50 @ 25° C (1000 Hours)
Temperature Cycle 0/350 @ 1000 temp cycles (65° C to 200° C)
High Temperature Reverse Bias 0/350 @ 125° C (1000 Hours)
Humidity 0/200 @ 85° C 85% Humidity (1000 hours)
John Freeman
Series: P4KE, P5KE, P6KE, 1EZ, 2EZ, 3EZ Series Director of Engineering
1N6267-1N6303A, 1N5913-1N5956
1.5KE6.8-1.5KE400A Bill Jones
SAC5.0-SAC50, SA5-SA170 and C Director of Quality Control and
GMP-5, 1N5333-1N5388,1N4728-1N4764 Reliability Assurance