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Ceramic Capacitors
Fixed Ceramic Capacitors
Part Number : CGA6L2X7R1E335KT
Product Name :
Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors - Automotive Grade
TDK Series Name : CGA Series(For Automotive)
Application :
Automotive applications, High reliability requirement applications,
Harsh environment requirement applications, Smart meter, Base
stations, Noise bypass in automotive
Function :
Can be used for the power train, safety equipment, etc. of a
vehicle. Qualified to AEC Q200 test standard
Description :
Automotive Grade Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor. It has no
polarity. High reliability is guaranteed.
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Property Name Property Description
Product Lifecycle Stage Production
Part Number Replacement No Data Available.
Lead (Pb) Free Yes
Surface Mount Yes
EIA Size Code 1210
Size Code 3225
Body Length (L) Min 2.8 mm
Body Length (L) Nom 3.2 mm
Body Length (L) Max 3.6 mm
Body Breadth (W) Min 2.2 mm
Body Breadth (W) Nom 2.5 mm
Body Breadth (W) Max 2.8 mm
Body Height (T) Min 1.4 mm
Body Height (T) Nom 1.6 mm
Body Height (T) Max 1.8 mm
Terminal Width (B) Min 0.3 mm
Terminal Spacing (G) Min 1 mm
Temperature Characteristics X7R
Temperature Characteristic Min -15 %
Max 15 %
Category Temperature Range Min -55 C
Max 125 C
Rated Voltage Code 1E
Rated Voltage Max 25 V
Rated Voltage Classification DC
Withstanding Voltage Nom 62.5 V
Withstanding Voltage Class DC
Rated Capacitance Nom 3300000 pF
Capacitance Tolerance Code K
Capacitance Tolerance (Value) Min No Data Available.
Max No Data Available.
Capacitance Tolerance (%) Min -10 %
Max 10 %
Q Min No Data Available.
Measurement Frequency of Q Nom No Data Available.
Insulation Resistance Min 152 MOhm
Dissipation Factor Max 3 %
Frequency of Dissipation Factor Nom 1 kHz
Soldering Method Reflow
Storage Temperature Range Min 5 Cel
Max 40 Cel
Packing Blister (Plastic)Taping [180mm Reel]
Minimum Package Qty Nom 2000 Pcs
Minimum Order Qty Nom 2000 Pcs
Return Status STD
Disclaimer: This information is to be used for reference purposes only and is subject to change by TDK without notice. It
reflects an overview of the product characteristics/performance for the particular part number. For product specification
information, please refer to TDK's general product specification. Please note that this standard part is not designed or
warranted to meet any specifications of any intermediate or end user different from or in addition to the specifications set fort
in TDK's general product specification. Note also that this standard part has not been specially designed or manufactured for,
nor is it intended or warranted for use in , or permitted to be resold for, specialized applications such as aviation, medical,
and/or governmental/military applications (collectively, "Excluded Applications").
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