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Micro Porous Ceramic Heat Sinks (MPCHS)
The structure of the Micro Porous Ceramic Heat Sink provides a very large surface area compared to
conventional Copper and Aluminium Heat Sinks. Even though the thermal resistance of the Ceramic is much
higher than Aluminium because of the micro porous structure it provides excellent heat dissipation and heat
convection. It also provides low thermal capacity in unit volume compared to Copper and Aluminium Heat
Sinks. The MPCHS dissipates heat faster than metal Heat Sinks without storing heat within itself.
Part Number Dimension
Shape Thermal Resistance
With/Without Thermal
Adhesive Tape
MPC101020T 10x10x2 Flat 10.21 Silicone
MPC151525T 15x15x2 Flat 10.21 Silicone
MPC202025T 20x20x2.5 Flat 10.21 Silicone
MPC222225T 22x22x2.5 Flat 10.21 Silicone
MPC252525T 25x25x2.5 Flat 10.21 Silicone
MPC303025T 30x30x2.5 Flat 10.21 Silicone
MPC404025T 40x40x2.5 Flat 10.21 Silicone
MPC404025AT 40x40x2.5 Flat 10.21 Aluminium
MPC303050WT 30x30x5.0 Wave 10.21 Silicone
MPC303050WAT 30x30x5.0 Wave 10.21 Aluminium
MPC404050WT 40x40x5.0 Wave 10.21 Silicone
MPC404050WAT 40x40x5.0 Wave 10.21 Aluminium
Non electrically conductive, no antennae effect.
Low Profile, light weight.
Large surface area compared to Aluminium Heat Sinks.
With and without thermally conductive Aluminium or
Silicone adhesive tape.
Low cost.