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Thermal Tapes / FCT73 Series
As each new generation of electronics equipment exhibits higher performance and more and more power into ever
smaller packages, it will dissipate power in the form of heat and requires some degree of thermal management.
Thermosol markets a variet y of Thermal Management Materials in response to the changing needs of the assembly of
electronics packaging in n otebook computers, high performance CPU, chipsets, mobile electronic a ppliances, power
conversion and amplification modules etc. Our products includ e thermally conductive Pads / Insulators and gap fillers,
thermally conductive adhesive tapes, phase change interface materials, graphite foil.
The FCT-730 series of thermal conductive adhesive ta pe has varyin g thicknesses (from 0.05mm to 0.5mm) and can
be used to seal gaps among PCBs, heat dissipating modules, metallic structures, and machine casings. Wh en the
product is applied, heat is conducted away from sensitive components while uneven surfaces are properly flattened
and filled. The adhesive is also electrically isolating. The FCT-730L series has UL 94 V-0 Flammability rating. Can be
supplied cut to cu stomers size. Available in rolls.
Part Number Adhesive Thickness
(mm) Thermal Conductivity
(W/m.K) Thermal Impedance
(°Cin2/W) Adhesive Type Flammability
Rating Carrier Type TACK Adhesion
FCT73L-15 0.15+/-10% 1.0 0.558 Acrylic Polymer - Fiberglass 10 >8.86
FCT73L-25 0.25+/-10% 1.0 0.659 Acrylic Polymer 94V-0 Fiberglass 10 >10.76
FCT73L-30 0.30+/-10% 1.0 0.884 Acrylic Polymer 94V-0 Fiberglass 15 >13.68
FCT73L-50 0.50+/-10% 1.0 1.541 Acrylic Polymer 94V-0 Fiberglass 15 >13.68
FCT73S-05 0.05+/-10% 0.85 0.414 Acrylic Polymer - N/A 8 >10.78
FCT73S-10 0.10+/-10% 0.85 0.414 Acrylic Polymer - N/A 12 >13.72
Part Number Holding Power
(Hr) 1kg/inch/25°C Insulation
Strength (KV) Temperature
Range °C Standard Sheet
Size (mm) Standard Roll
Size (M) Colour
FCT73L-15 >48 2 -20~+120 300x300 1.24(W)x25/50/100(L), 1.05(W)x25 White
FCT73L-25 >48 5 -20~+120 300x300 1.24(W)x25/50/100(L), 1.05(W)x25 White
FCT73L-30 >48 8 -20~+120 300x300 1.24(W)x25/50/100(L), 1.05(W)x25 White
FCT73L-50 >48 9 -20~+120 300x300 1.24(W)x25/50/100(L), 1.05(W)x25 White
FCT73S-05 >48 1 -20~+120 300x300 1.24(W)x25/50/100(L), 1.05(W)x25 White
FCT73S-10 >48 2 -20~+120 300x300 1.24(W)x25/50/100(L), 1.05(W)x25 White