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High Isolation Power Transformers
Toroid Platform SMD
Push Pull Converter Transformer
4KVrms Isolation (550Vrms Continuous)
Reinforced insulation, 8.5mm Creepage
Sidecar Package
Patented: US Pat 9,646,755
Electrical Specifications @ 25°C - Operating Temperature -40°C to +125°C
(μH ±35%)
Leakage Inductance
(1-3) with (4-6) shorted
(μH MAX)
(1, 2, 3) to (4, 5, 6)
(pF MAX)
DCR (1-3)
DCR (4-6)
MAX (1-3)1
(V-μsec Max)
Turns Ratio
(1:3) (6:4)
Isolated Voltage
PH9384.011NL 538 0.8 20 0.30 0.40 24 1CT : 1CT
PH9384.012NL 538 0.6 30 0.33 0.65 24 1CT : 2CT
PH9384.021NL 538 1.6 15 0.30 0.25 24 2CT : 1CT
PH9384.034NL 680 0.6 30 0.35 0.52 27 3CT : 4CT
PH9384.035NL 680 0.7 30 0.35 0.65 27 3CT : 5CT
PH9384.038NL 538 0.7 30 0.40 0.90 27 3CT : 8CT
PH9384.043NL 538 0.8 20 0.30 0.30 24 4CT : 3CT
PH9384.083NL 538 2.0 15 0.30 0.22 24 8CT : 3CT
PH9384.089NL 538 0.6 30 0.30 0.42 24 8CT :9CT
1. The ET Max is calculated to limit the core loss and temperature rise at 200KHz based on
a bipolar flux swing of 130mT Peak.
2. For Push-Pull topology, where the voltage is applied across half the primary winding
turns, the ET needs to be derated by 50% for the same flux swing.
3. The applied ET may need to be further derated for higher frequencies based on the
temperature rise which results from the core and copper losses
A. To calculate total copper loss (W), use the following formula:
Copper Loss (W) = Irms_Primary2 * DCR_Primary + Irms_
B. To calculate total core loss (W), use the following formula:
Core Loss (W) = 2.72E-12 * (Frequency in kHz)2.43*(130 * [ET/ET Max])2.5
Where ET is the applied Volt Second, ET Max is the rated Volt Second
for 130mT flux swing
C. To calculate temperature rise, use the following formula:
Temperature Rise (°C) = 154 * (Core Loss(W) + Copper Loss (W))
4. The AEC-Q200 temperature and humidity operational life testing was completed using
a dielectric strength test of 4000Vdc.
5. Optional Tape & Reel packing can be ordered by adding a “T” sux to the part number
(i.e. PH9384.012NL becomes PH9384.012NLT). Pulse complies to industry standard tape
and reel specification EIA481.
6. The “NL” sux indicates an RoHS-compliant part number.
Mechanical Schematic
Weight ...........................0.85grams
Tape & Reel ........................400/reel
Tray ......................................55/tray
Dimensions: mm
Unless otherwise specified,
all tolerances are ±0.25
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High Isolation Power Transformers
Toroid Platform SMD
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PH9384NL is a series of high isolation power supply transformer drivers. Intended to operate in a fixed duty cycle Push
Pull topology, it is a part of a low cost solution for delivering lower power (up to 3W) from a low voltage source. A
typical implementation would be an isolated RS-485/RS-232 power supply driver circuit, the design is compatible with the
A schematic diagram for the Push Pull converter topology is given below.
For a fixed 50% duty cycle mode of operation, the output voltage is simply determined by the input voltage and turns
ratio. So, with the available turns ratios, a variety of output voltages can be selected. PH9384.034NL has been certified by
UL to comply with UL60950-1 2 edition with reinforced insulation for a working voltage up to 300Vac. 7mm creepage and
3000Vrms isolation voltage is guaranteed to meet this requirement. The actual isolation voltage (550Vrms) and creepage
(8.5mm) capability of the design exceeds these UL ratings.
The remainder of the PH9384.XXXNL series was not included in the UL certification but are fully complaint with the
requirements for reinforced insulation.
MAXIM is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated Products.