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Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diode
Fast Switching Speed : trr = 4ns(Typ)
Surface Mount Package Ideally Suited For
Automatic Insertion
For General Purpose Switching Applications
High Conductance
Available in Lead Free Version
Surface mount fast switching diode
Maximum Rating @ Ta = 25°C unless otherwise specied
Electrical Characteristics @ Ta = 25°C unless otherwise specied
Characteristic Symbol Value Unit
Non-Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage Vrm 100 V
Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage
Working Peak Reverse Voltage
DC Reverse Voltage
75 V
RMS Reverse Voltage Vr(rms)53 V
Forward Continuous Current Ifm 300 mA
Average Rectied Output Current lo150 mA
Non-Repetitive Peak Forward Surge Current @ t = 1.0 μs
@ t = 1.0 s Ifsm 2
Power Dissipation Pd200 mW
Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient Air RθJA 625 °C/W
Operating and Storage Temperature Range Tj,TSTG -65 to+150 °C
Characteristic Symbol Min. Max. Unit Test Condition
Reverse Breakdown Voltage V(BR)R 75 - V Ir = 1μA
Forward Voltage Vf-
If = 1mA
If = 10mA
If = 50mA
If = 150mA
Reverse Current Ir-1
Vr = 75V
Vr = 20V
Capacitance between terminals Ct- 2 pF Vr = 0, f = 1MHz
Reverse Recovery Time trr - 4 ns If = Ir = 10mA,
Irr = 0.1 × Ir, Rl = 100Ω
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Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diode
Typical Characteristics @ Ta = 25°C unless otherwise specied
Package Outline
Plastic surface mounted package
Dim Min Max
A 1.275 1.325
B 1.675 1.725
C0.9 Typical
D 0.25 0.35
E 0.27 0.37
H 0.02 0.1
J0.1 Typical
K 2.6 2.7
All Dimensions in mm
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Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diode
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Part Number Table
Description Part Number
Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diode 1N4148WS
Soldering Foot print
Package Information
Device Package Shipping
1N4148WS SOD-323 3,000 / Tape & Reel