This report applies to mask 1N40H for these products:
Errata ID Errata Title
6396 sLCD: LCD_GCR[RVTRIM] bits are in reverse order
e6396: sLCD: LCD_GCR[RVTRIM] bits are in reverse order
Errata type: Errata
Description: The four bits of LCD_GCR[RVTRIM] are in reverse order, in such a way that the LSB
corresponds to bit 27 and the MSB corresponds to bit 24 of the LCD_GCR. The RVTRIM
adjustment from lower voltage to higher voltage does not follow a linear increase in the
LCD_GCR[RVTRIM] value. The RVTRIM adjustment should follow this sequence:
to achieve a linear increase from lower voltage to higher voltage.
The reset value of this field is still 8, which corresponds to a low voltage value of the VIREG.
Workaround: You can use a lookup table with the correct order of RVTRIM values for a linear change on the
VIREG voltage (contrast). If planning to use a user-selectable contrast, a memory buffer is
required to keep track of the logic value of the RVTRIM. When required to increase or
decrease the contrast of the LCD, the buffer pointer should be increased or decreased
accordingly and the corresponding value from the lookup table should be written to the
To avoid a low voltage on VIREG after reset, LCD_GCR[RVTRIM] must be updated during the
LCD initialization routine.
Freescale Semiconductor KINETIS_L_1N40H
Mask Set Errata Rev 13 FEB 2014
Mask Set Errata for Mask 1N40H
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